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Fantasy Author

A war between light and dark,

A man & his unconventional team of warriors,

And the magical land they’re all desperately trying to save.


When Evil begins collecting souls in a world of magic and magical beasts, loyalists and creatures of purity hold onto an ancient prophecy. One day an orphaned King would rise from a distant world. The liberator would prevail against the forces of darkness and restore balance.

Hidden away somewhere along the eastern side of the United States, Conner lives with his adoptive father John, and protector Finn. After twelve years of honing his abilities in order to expose and put away criminals, he anxiously awaits his return home to Zeer... but with so much of his past still unknown, who or what will he be once he gets there?

My Books
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C.N. Noble

C. N. Noble is an enthusiast of all things magical, humorous, and heart-pounding. She’s always enjoyed books, movies, and television series with gripping emotional combinations.


When she isn’t having imaginary conversations with her characters, she’s living the wilderness life in Montana with her husband, children, son-in-law, and grandson. 

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Orphaned King Book Cover_edited.png

The Orphaned King is an exciting read. It has it all: magic, romance, humor, action, and more! Reading this is an easy escape to the magical world we've all dreamed of. It is a heartwarming story and clean making it good for all ages!

Elise Vowles


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The Land Of Zeer

The Orphaned King is filled with adventures across Zeerian land! Follow along with Conner, Finn, and the rest of the gang on their adventure across Zeer, with a detailed map! You'll find this map and other amazing exclusives inside The Orphaned King's companion book, Zeerian Creatures Field Guide!

Available Soon!

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