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Stuff Your

Fantasy Edition

Thank You For Stopping By!

Wow, what an amazing turnout! June's "Stuff Your Kindle Fantasy Edition" event was an absolute blockbuster! Over 350 talented authors generously offered their books for FREE for twenty-four plus hours, and the public response was phenomenal, with thousands of readers seizing the opportunity to dive into fantastic reads. The enthusiasm and energy from readers and authors alike made the event truly unforgettable. We can't wait to bring you more thrilling events like this in the future! Stay tuned for upcoming event dates, and in the meantime, connect with Brooke Clonts and me on social media for all the latest updates and bookish fun!

The Team

Meet the amazing  team behind Stuff Your Kindle Fantasy Edition. We are committed to connecting readers with new favorite authors and books while also supporting fellow literary magicians, also known as authors. Follow us on social media for updates and announcements.


C. N. Noble

Fantasy Author, Site Hostess, S.Y.K.F.E. Hostess.

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Brooke Clonts

Fantasy Author, S.Y.K.F.E. Hostess.

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Meet Your Hosts!

C. N. Noble spent over twenty years as a closet writer before bravely stepping out of her introverted comfort zone. Her first book debuted in June of 2023, accompanied by "The Zeerian Creatures Field Guide." "The Orphaned King" has garnered enough interest since its realse that a book two is currently underway. C. N. Noble is happily married, has talented children, and enjoys spending time with family, reading, gaming, gardening, walking in the woods, and pretending to have a social life. She's a high-functioning introvert who hides from unexpected guests, except for the UPS guy who brings her book swag.

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Brooke Clonts has a degree in exercise science she's never used. She left her job as an engineering manager for Adobe to run her own business, and is a wife and mom. She writes sweet fantasy with relatable, sometimes neurodiverse, characters who struggle with life—not unlike her. You'll find Brooke terrifying her husband at the edge of cliffs, jumping on trampolines, hiking mountains, wake surfing, reading, collecting ridiculous amounts of Halloween decor, pretending to be a good dancer, and just being awkward and nerdy in all the best ways.

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Looking For A Specific Genre?

All books available for this event have been categorized by subgenre, and we've gone a step further by organizing them into content classifications such as, MG, YA, NA, & A. Every book image will take you to its correlating download link when clicked.

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New Adult